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Bucci Radio

May 21, 2019

Do you think you need to be “perfect’ in order to serve your clients with integrity as a coach? Do you have the desire to serve others but don’t yet feel confident in your own transformation? The health/fitness coaching industry is changing. If you’re a coach that wants to help your clients dig into their feelings, unconscious patterns, and reasoning for not doing what they know they are supposed to be doing, this episode is for you. 

Today's guest is Samantha Skelly. Sam is my magical unicorn fairy friend, and she’s one of the biggest visionaries I’ve ever met. She’s constantly connecting to her higher purpose and bringing that shit back down to earth. If you guys don’t know Sam, she’s the owner and creator of Hungry for Happiness, and she’s essentially creating a new sector of coaching. Sam is bringing people into higher levels of consciousness with their coaching so they can serve their clients with what they really need.




  • The shift in the health and fitness industry
  • Understanding our patterns and beliefs
  • Deep feelings of unworthiness
  • Separating health and fitness
  • Putting on the “everything is great” mask
  • Valuing mental health over body image
  • Attaching worthiness to the way you look
  • Thinking you need to be perfect to serve others (fraud complex)
  • Coaching still being a new industry
  • Therapy vs. coaching
  • Committing to your own personal growth
  • How to determine if you are in integrity
  • Confidence in line with integrity
  • Not being able to replace human connection
  • Emotions driving behavior
  • Where the coaching industry is going
  • Why pain is a portal to truth
  • Observing vs. identifying with your emotions
  • Holding onto identities we have created




  • 3:00- What is happening with the health and fitness industry right now? What shift is happening?
  • 9:00- How do people going from thinking about fitness into emotionality?
  • 14:00- Do you need to look a certain way or be a certain way to be a fitness coach or serve others?
  • 16:00- Can you dig into the feeling of being a fraud and not being healed in order to serve others? What does it mean to coach?
  • 19:00- Let’s dig into some specifics on how to determine if you’re in integrity or not?
  • 27:00- Let’s talk about the current state of the coaching industry and where we are going
  • 40:00- How can someone become the type of coach we talked about in this podcast?
  • 43:00- If you could leave our listeners with one statement, what would it be?